The First Decentralized Derivatives Infrastructure on Aptos and Sui
VISION of SynthMeta
SynthMeta's vision is to create a Web 3.0 derivatives infrastructure that provides users with decentralized, secure, and efficient financial tools that are also user-friendly.
SynthMeta Ecosystem
Web3.0 Derivatives Infrastructure
Synth Minter
This module is the foundation of SynthMeta and includes four functional modules: Minter Pool, Stabilization Pool, Earn, and Redemption.
Users can mint derivative assets (such as stable coins mUSD, NFT fragments, precious metals, and other financial assets) by over-collateralizing core assets on the chain (such as APT, BTC, ETH, and so on).
Synth Minter includes an Earn function, which allows mUSD and platform token holders to earn clearing rewards, SM token rewards, and fee rewards by staking.
Synth Perpetual
The Synth Perpetual exchange will use the OrderBook aggregation model to provide users with a better trading experience, which will be combined with the high performance of Aptos .
The exchange will support mainstream stable coins for trading. Users will receive discounted rates for trading with mUSD.
Synth NFT
The current NFT market size is $40 billion, but it faces challenges such as a lack of application scenarios and poor liquidity. Synth NFT is dedicated to resolving these issues using synthetic asset-based modules.
Synth Launchpad
Synth Launchpad, as an important component of the derivatives infrastructure, assumes IDO for the Aptos and Sui eco-projects.
The platform will have KYC, whitelisting, curve sales, over-sales, and lottery sales to help projects connect with quality users and raise quality funds, while also allowing more tokens to be available to quality users who truly identify with the projects.
Launch of project with team and social media setup
Product development & Internal testing
Launch of the Synth Minter platform on the test net
Synth Launchpad platform go live on testnet.
Testnet experience promotion campaign
Synth Minter and Synth Launchpad go live on the mainnet and start mining
Completed IDO of SM tokens (SynthMeta Token)
Launch of Synth NFT module, cooperation with mainstream NFT and support their derivatives
Expanded the supporting type of collateral and derivatives in Synth Minter
More eco-project IDOs on Synth LaunchPad
Synth Perpetual Platform Goes Live on Beta Network and Launches Experience Campaign
Synth Perpetual goes live on the main network
Continued addition of Perpetual asset classes
SynthMeta is a Derivatives Infrastructure built on synthesis asset algorithms, consisting of four major modules: Synth Minter, Synth Perpetual, Synth NFT, Synth LaunchPad.SynthMeta is focused to building One-Stop Derivatives Solutions that bridges the traditional financial and crypto worlds via Minter, Exchanges, NFTs, and Project Finance Platform.